All Hanex products are three-layer films and are manufactured mostly from recycled materials. They can be coloured in mass and all of them are certified for food contact. Hanex has got 4 production lines which are able to produce 1200 tons of film a month. We produce the following types of  film: APET, RPET, GGG, GRG and GAG. We also offer laminated film: PET/PE, PET/EVOH/PE, as well as active barrier film PET/PE. On demand we produce “peelable” laminated film. We also make special G-PET film, which is particularly valued by medical sector. In our offer there is foamed and antistatic film.

Technical film

Film for medical sector
Production based on directionally dedicated APET and GPET  granulate in order to meet high quality norms.
ECO-PET, also called technical RPET
Outer layers are produced from virgin material, whereas inner one contains 70 – 80% of second-class recycled material. Its features are a higher content of so called “jellies” and it’s not transparent at all. Due to application of virgin material for production of outer layers, it is still approved for food contact.
PET film which has a unique effect of metallic gloss, owing to the use of proper masterbatches. It is widely used in confectionery and fish processing. The film competes with metalized film in terms of ecology. Metallic look film performs superbly in  thermoforming, and cracks do not occur in the metalized  layer. It is coloured in mass, therefore each layer may be of different colour. To make the film visually more attractive, gold, silver and glitter additives may be used.
RRR film
 Product of high aesthetic standard, dedicated to demanding buyers with pro-environmental attitude. Inner layer is produced from recycled PET flakes. Outer layers are made of PET recycled material purified by means of special, state-of-the-art technology, which guarantees certificate for food contact in Poland, UE countries and the USA.