As a result of  years of experience we turned branches scattered all over the country into one resilient production centre with research and development backup, modern production lines and storage capability.

GTX Hanex Plastic Sp. z o. o. was founded in Poznań in 1992. Its activity began with the production of 1.5 litre plastic bottles. The production was dual-stage, that is bottles were blown from the preforms purchased earlier.


When a branch in Sokółka was opened, the existing technology was replaced with single-stage system of bottle production, in which bottles were produced directly from granulate. Less than two years later, Hanex began  producing preforms– a semi-finished product for bottle manufacturing.


In 1999, owing to regular investments and development, the company expanded its activity and started producing thermoformable polyester film. Experience and know-how as well as innovative ideas made Hanex an unchallenged leader on the market of this type of package. The company has been a reputable leader ever since. The strong position on the market is confirmed by numerous certificates, attestations and patents.


In the year 2000 the company entered new markets which resulted in a wider product offer. The designs of packages made by Hanex were registered in order to guarantee the customers uniqueness of the products dedicated to them. Simultaneously, polyethylene terephthalate (PET) became the only raw material used for package production.


Since 2005 Hanex head office and production plants have been located in Dąbrowa Górnicza.


In 2008 Hanex signed a contract with PARP and obtained Programme: Innovative Economy grant  (approximately  14mln pln). The company received EN ISO 22000:205 certificate. A year later the company invested in the fourth production line increasing production of PET film.


In 2011 Hanex obtained BRC/IOP Global Standard for Packaging and Packaging Materials  Certificate.


At present Hanex effects orders for the largest companies from various industry sectors. The company is an unquestioned leader on the market of plastic packages.. Monthly production capacity totals nearly 130 million various types of packages and over 1200 tones of PET film.