Creating advanced packages is our mission. Development is the most important value for us. Relations with our customers are based on trust and providing the best business solutions. We also never forget about the environment.

In our activity we combine market needs with the application of  the most environment friendly forms of plastic packages production. That is why we carry out research and introduce the best “green” solutions. One of the most significant courses of our company’s strategy is  the use of  waste recycling logistics in production. It is based on rational planning, storage, and monitoring the flow of raw materials, semi-finished and finished products.

Aims create the future

Our company’s objectives for the future are clearly set. This allows to convert visions into goals, and then goals into reality. We believe that investing in advanced technologies as well as creating innovative products will result in premium solutions on the PET packaging market not only in Poland.

What pays

The market comprises not only the customers, but also suppliers, co-operators and competitors. That is why we attach great importance to relations with our all partners. Bearing in mind the fact that long lasting cooperation takes time and effort, we provide our customers with more than they expect.

We follow the rule: “economically means wisely”, therefore we do not tolerate wastage. Due to effective, efficient work we are able to minimize costs. We never wait and waste time, as we are aware of the fact that time is money. We constantly improve labour organisation, knowing that things that cannot be improved don’t  exist. It always pays.