Company profile

We are a leading manufacturer of thermoforming film, preforms  and PET bottles on the market in Poland. We use the best technological solutions to maintain high quality, which is a standard for our products.

In continuous search for better solutions, we constantly invest in research and development projects. As a result we are able to manufacture the most advanced plastic products. Our priority is to introduce the most efficient green methods of production and reprocessing. We are proud to be the first company in Poland to start a package recycling line. This enables us to  comprehensively utilize PET waste to produce commercial goods.

In 2015 we implemented the HMW (Hanex Management Way) program that is based on the best solutions in the area of company internal operations, ensuring their constant perfection and optimization.
The HMW program provides an increase in our employees’ engagement in task performance using HMW tools, such as PSG (Problem Solving Group), PDCA (Deming Cycle), SMED, Kanban or Kaizen.

The key to high sales efficiency nowadays is not only the brand, but also a product’s package, which needs to be modern and tasteful. Great number of products on the market have been manufactured by Hanex. We effect orders from worldwide known companies in food, beverages, chemical, cosmetic or medical sectors, as well as from Polish largest companies in these sectors.

High quality of Hanex products has been acknowledged by prestigious certificates which the company has obtained. The ones we particularly value are those conferred by TÜV NORD, which guarantee safe application of our products in all business lines including food and medical sector.

Due to twenty years of experience, solutions dedicated to a particular customer, optimisation of production processes and system delivering Hanex holds the stable leading position on the market of plastic packaging.

Our target market are producers of beverages, water, juice, milk and dairy products; companies in food processing industry; cosmetic  and household chemistry producers; wine, beer and vodka producers; meat and fish processing companies; producers of technical materials, batteries, audio-video appliances, accessories; producers of PET containers, blisters etc.